Mobile App Development

Not having a mobile site, or app is like not opening for business on a Thursday

Nuevo Ecom developers are skilled in using JavaScript, and other market leading technologies to create highly interactive user interfaces. Innovative features, combined with cross platform compatibility; our clients’ apps maximise the user experience.

Data is integral to the process- we combine user-generated research with analytics to enhance app performance. From design, to deploy, each stage of the process receives extensive quality checks to ensure the app is distinguishable from the rest.

NuevoEcom prides itself in providing innovative solutions at an affordable price.

Ready to expand your reach?

Our developers cover each aspect of the process:

  • Strategy creation : inspiration from innovative technologies is collated and combined with the developers’ original ideas to devise a competitive strategy.
  • Wire framing: app creators plan the framework, informing the client of the proposed features and interface.
  • Protoype creation: client feedback is collated and drafts of the structure are presented.
  • Development : if the client is satisfied with the protoype, NuevoEcom designers collaborate with the developers to create a superior app with distinguishable features and a unique interface.
  • Deployment : a final test is conducted to confirm compatibility, performance and fulfilment of the client’s requirements. NuevoEcom launches the app on the App Store and manages the updates that follow.